Latin, Rock & More...

It came to me one day when doing some musical contemplating
what might others think?

So I thought why not ask? 
And I reached out.
And they answered.


- a series of questions -

next up - Jesus Florido

I met Jesus when he was attending Butler University back in the 1990's. He has overcome so many challenges only to go forth with an appreciation and reverence for life and music unlike others! Here are his answers.

The Questions -

• How Do You Describe Your Music?

JF My music is the result of my upbringing all the music I listen and that I was exposed at home. Boleros and Tangos from my mom, Jazz and Motown from my dad, Rock from my older cousins, Classical at the youth orchestra, and Opera from my grand parents. So I say, with a very a cliche tone, a true melting pot! I love them all!

• Whats Your Latest Project?

JF I have 2 main projects going on right now. The small one is a duet with Venezuelan Cuatro sensation Henry Linarez called 5/4 where we present venezuelan folk music in a very personal setting.

The big one is Sonoro Latino, a very ambitious orchestral show where a super latin band plays latin versions of classical music along with a full symphony orchestra.

• Do You Play More Then One Instrument? Do You Recommend That?

JF I recommend that you play other instruments and even multiple string violins. It brings you great perspective and opens your ears and your fingers to new frontiers. I play mostly acoustic and electric violin (4,5,6 and 7 strings), guitar, and recently I am working on my bass chops.

• Who Are Some Other Players You've Enjoyed Collaborating With?

JF Darol Anger and Jean Luc Ponty and Mark O'Connor are on top of that list but I had some flings with Chris Howes, Natalie MacMaster and Joe Deninzon that left me with the intent to formalize some of them into full projects.

• Who would you like to play with that you haven't?

JF Old time music!! I want to make record with Bruce Molsky!!

• Where Has Been One of Your Favorite Places to Perform?

JF I am a live performer so even if there is one person in the audience I am happy to perform. As for places, I have had some memorable performances in the Middle East and Japan. Also there a few places like Brussels and Vienna where I feel like home when I perform there.

• Favorite Gear?

JF The 5 string fiddle made for me by Jonathan Cooper is my soulmate! on the other hand I am a student of violin amplification so I am always looking into new gear and technologies. The new Helix by Line 6 is the best multi effect pedal I have very played. As for my iPad set up, the JamUP Pro XT app with a Airturn pedal is always great and my main set up these days since I can fit all in my violin case and it sounds great!

• Fav Summer Camps or Educational Opportunities?

JF My only summer camp experiences were the 10 years I taught at the Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camps both in Nashville and San Diego. I am dreaming about attending Alasdair Fraser's camp and Christian Howes' Creative Strings Camp soon!

• Who do you like to listen to?

JF Any creative music that moves me, that makes think, that me my heart beat faster.

• What Do You Recommend to an aspiring Improviser?

JF Work on knowing your instrument and getting your chops up so that you can connect your ears to your fingers,  and listen and learn from all of those who came before you, and pay attention to those who are pushing boundaries now.

• How Do You Overcome Self Conscience Playing?

JF I overcame it the day I went on the stage with nothing to prove to anybody, and just to make music for the joy of it.

• Any Other Tips On Performance Practices?

JF Without a solid rhythmic foundation and solid bow control there is no music to be made, so work on those first!!

• Final thought: philosophy, quote...anything at all...

JF Several of my teachers were very important in my development as an artist. Joe Gingold taught me to play for every person in the audience and to dedicate them every note with all my heart. Larry Shapiro taught to dance with the audience. Davis Brooks taught me to know bow so that it could become the tool to let my sound out...and Darol Anger taught that chops are jus way cool!!

My philosophy is simple, if you play music honestly, and you prepare well, and come to the stage with nothing to prove, the audience will feel that and come back again and agin to listen to you. That is the food for my soul.

Listen to Jesus here: 

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